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The Society To Advance Media Professionalism was originated in 1995. One of S.T.A.M.P.ís top priorities is to stress the importance of media buying, planning, and placement. The creative product is always the "sizzle." Advertisers salivate over their television commercials, Cable TV and radio spots, 4-color magazine ads, newspaper ads, and business-to-business ads. In short, the creative is the "fun" and "exciting" part of the business. What many advertisers fail to address is whether or not the agency's Media Department is choosing the right medium, and whether or not the agency's Media Department is buying the airtime or space properly to insure a successful campaign. The Society To Advance Media Professionalism stresses, "You can have the best creative product in the world, but if that media buyer doesn't place that creative before the right pair of eyes and ears (meaning those folks who are most likely to buy that product), you have a failed campaign, pure and simple."

Another top priority on The Society To Advance Media Professionalism's agenda is to begin the certification process for media buyers and planners.
By certifying media professionals, the strong, knowledgeable media pros will be set apart from those media people who only claim to know what they are doing. The Society To Advance Media Professionalism believes that since media professionals are spending someone else's money (their clients), there must be a system in place to assure advertisers that the people who are spending their budgets are, indeed, qualified to be able to do so. There are too many horror stories floating around the industry about what unqualified, unknowledgeable "media buyers/planners/ directors" have done to waste entire advertising budgets.

Professional certification is available for all Media Planners and Buyers who can meet a rigorous set of professional criteria that verify media planning/buying competence at the highest levels.
There are 3 Categories of Certification:

1. For All Media-Certified Media Generalist (CMG)

2. For Broadcast-Certified Broadcast Media Buyer (CBMB)

3. Print (and Out-of Home)--Certified Printer Planner/Buyer (CPPB)

All those who receive passing grades will be listed in S.T.A.M.P.'s Professional Registry for reference by future prospective clients or Employers, and be entitled to use the designations CMB, CBMB, or CPPB after their name, as well as receiving a distinctive Certificate for framing.

S.T.A.M.P. Certification is the most significant advancement in the media profession since Nielsen. The program distinguishes the professionals among us, and deserves your support.



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